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Sounds of Approval, 2005

Applause has been for centuries any individuals’ way of creating a sound that have a social meaning. This sound can be a sign of joy as much as a signal of disappointment, if its’ done in a sarcastic kind of way. Generally, public applause represents an immediate reward, or the emotional reaction to a testimony, like an entertainment event or an event where one or few persons were exposing an ideal. Recounting many events that have thousands of publics making this sound, for years; or watching it on TV as a live or recorded sound, that is trying to invite others to have an emotional reaction to it can be an everyday experience.

Sounds of Approval is a multimedia experience that examines an immutable sound of life that is not questioned, yet accepted by many diverse groups and societies all over the world as a collective way of speaking without words.

This multi-dimensional project consist of a platform / stage structure, inspired by the design displayed at The Symphony Center in Downtown Chicago; a group of people; a National vocabulary of words; and in its final presentation to the public, a monitor placed over the platform / stage structure.