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Homily, 2010

Homily gathers a series of affirmative reflections formulated around my life experiences. I amplify my moral and emotional concerns by designing an installation inspired by ecclesiastic gathering spaces (think church or community space) that I frequented during my formative years. This installation provides various focal points with the intention of alluring the audience into a visual experience that allows them to immerse themselves as much as to keep their distance in order to accomplish a democratic viewing. The most common spaces of a church, being the sitting area and the altar, are represented in the form of an unconventional structure based on the formal aspects of a mausoleum, where the audience is invited to go up the steps for a viewing, and also allowed to sit on the steps at their discretion. An amorphous sculptural shape on the floor of the space, entitled Communion II, is an approach to organic life and mainly represented by flower arrangements or candles of a church space. A non-functional champagne fountain, refers to the Eucharistic fraction of the church ceremony, but is not inviting people to participate of it, as it is symbolically and physically unreachable. I associate the Stations of the Cross to my paintings, but only in their formal presentation and story telling aspects. Contrary from Christ crucifixion via cruces, my depictions are like parables of my life experiences (not of tragic matter).