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Open 24 Hours at Headland's Project Space

Chicago-based artist Edra Soto has devoted much of her multifaceted artistic practice to investigating the ways that class and race figure in post-colonial representations. Since 2016, Soto has been photographically documenting her Chicago neighborhood, focusing especially on areas that are accessible at all hours (such as her boulevard and adjacent streets). These places are highly visible, yet are rarely—if ever—cleaned by the city, and constantly accumulate the city’s detritus. While documenting the debris and trash, Soto found traces of a drug and alcohol fueled economy, drawing connections to the city’s recent and deep past. At Headlands, Soto will relocate 24 Hours into Headlands’ Project Space, producing an exhibition that includes architectural interventions, continued photo documentation, and a workshop for exhibition visitors to produce objects to be placed in the space.