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Dedicated Consumers
Cleaned liquor glass bottles consumed by Art OMI’s community from June to July of 2018
Art OMI, Ghent, NY

Alcohol is one of the most complex substances consumed by people in our society. It’s complexity range from the greatest celebrations - weddings, graduations, birthdays, etc. - to the most tragic forms of addiction, abuse and death. According to a study published by JAMA Psychiatry, alcoholism is on the rise. One of eight American adults are alcoholics.
An article titled Alcohol is a Way of Coping, author Stephen Joseph Ph.D. explains that the fabulous memories produced by alcohol can also translate in physical pain. He states that we use alcohol to numb emotions. As the most common drug used in America, alcohol is the centerpiece in most social events instigating celebration. Numerous articles tell us that not everyone has an addictive personality. As Peg O’Connor Ph.D. states in her article Are We All Addicted to Something, stretching the term addiction runs the risk of trivializing it’s meaning.

Saturday, 6-16-18: Rayun, Brook & Bridge, Borgo & Buchetto, Angry Orchard

Sunday, 6-17-18: Bulleit Bourbon, Angry Orchard, Borgo Buchetto, Brook & Bridge

Monday, 6-18-18: Brook & Bridge, Borgo Buchetto

Tuesday, 6-19-18: Brook & Bridge, (2)

Wednesday, 6-20-18: Brook & Bridge (4)

Thursday, 6-21-18: Southern Tire, Mantlerhof Gruner Veltliner, Villa Wolf, Columbia Crest, Guenoc, Castelo Do Sulco, Wither Hills, Confidencial Reserva

Friday, 6-22-18: Chianti, Brook & Bridge, La Vieille Ferme, Southern Tire

Saturday, 6-23-18: Chianti, Guenoc, Borgo Boschetto, Castelo Do Sulco,

Sunday, 6-24-18: Guenoc, Rayun

Monday, 6-25-18: Columbia Crest, Guenco, Chianti, Brook & Bridge, Rayun, Espolon

Tuesday, 6-26-18: Pianoro, Brooklyn Naranjito, Castelo Do Sulco

Wednesday, 6-27-18: Callia, Borgo & Buchetto, Castello, Pianoro, Guenoc

Thursday, 6-28-18: Luksusowa, Vodka Monopolowa, Hakutsuru, Modelo, Fat Tire, Callia, Castelo Do Sulco, Chianti, Pianoro, Southern Tier IPA, Guenoc, Borgo & Buchetto

Friday, 6-29-18: Castelo Do Sulco, Brooklyn Naranjito, Dos Equis, Pianoro

Saturday, 6-30-18: Francis Greenberg house (no collection)

Sunday, 7-1-18: Guenoc (4)

Monday, 7-2-18: HILD, La VilleFerme, Callia

Tuesday: 7-3-18: Albert et Fils brut, Miller (2)

Wednesday: 7-4-18:Borgo Buschetto, Miller (4), Stella Astois (3)

Thursday: 7-5-18: Castelo Do Sulco, Guenoc, La Vieille Ferme, Borgo Buschetto

Friday: 7-6-18: Rayun (3), Pianoro