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Happy Hour
Food event
Casa Rosada, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
February 8, 2020

Puerto Rican artist Edra Soto welcomes you to Happy Hour, a program of hors’d oeuvres she enjoyed at social gatherings while growing up in Puerto Rico during the 80's era.
This food is considered the hybridized Puerto Rican diet strongly influenced by mainstream American culture.
Romanticized processed foods that became the centerpiece of Puerto Ricans entertainment.
A fantasy created by marketing becomes tradition.
Adventurous eaters are welcomed!

DJ set performed by Sadie Woods AKA Afrodjia at Casa Rosa Barris in collaboration with visual artist Edra Soto for Close to There <> Perto de Lá in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil:

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Close to There < > Perto de Lá is an international artist exchange project between Comfort Station (Chicago, USA) and Projeto Ativa (Salvador, Brazil), in collaboration with Harmonipan (Mexico City, Salvador), made possible by the MacArthur Foundation International Connections Fund. By bringing members of these two artistic communities in proximity with one another, this project aims to gestate long-term artistic collaborations between the participants, share arts-organizing models from their respective socio-political-artistic contexts, and encourage creative discourse around ideas such as the African Diaspora and contemporary Latinx/Latin American identities.

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