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Open 24 Hours / Home
at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

At a time when people across the globe feel increasing discontent and there is great unease about the future, the artists in SOUL RECORDINGS present works that address a number of social and political issues underlying some of these conditions, offering personal responses filled with poignancy, confidence, strength, and resilience. Culled from a multinational and cross-generational landscape, these artists explore the roots and context that shape their work through a broad range of perspectives and media. In the process, they share their own stories, reclaim appropriated culture, and forge a path through empathy and resistance. For them, the personal is political. SOUL RECORDINGS challenges us to contemplate difficult questions—and these artists invite us to listen closely to their multivalent answers.
independent curator Jill Moniz, PhD.

The group exhibition SOUL RECORDINGS took place at Luis De Jesus LosAngeles with the participation of artists Lex Brown, Caitlin Cherry, Ebony G. Patterson, Deborah Roberts, Paul Anthony Smith, Edra Soto, Lisa C. Soto, and Peter Williams

Soto presented a sculptural excerpt from her ongoing project OPEN 24 HOURS, a socially-engaged work that incorporates the collection of discarded liquor bottles during the artist's daily walks through East Garfield Park, a historically Black and neglected neighborhood in Chicago. Cleaned and label-free, the bottles are presented as an archive of the community's consumption (and the fascinating history of cognac within the African American community), using a display form inspired by Puerto Rican vernacular architecture that combines decoration, comfort and security.