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Manual GRAFT, 2016
Metallic adhesive, house dresses, assistants

Iron rejas became ubiquitous in the architecture of post-war Puerto Rico due to the security they provided and their ability to allow for cross ventilation. Today, these iron rejas are viewed not so much as a protection device, but as a language that pertains to the island’s visual culture. As part of an ongoing exploration of these design elements, Edra Soto presents Manual GRAFT, an architectural intervention that arrives via performative gestures and a process-based experience that unfolds in front of the viewers, unveiling the artistic process.

Architectural interventions:

+At the University Galleries of Illinois State University. Performance photo documentation by Daniel Hojnacki. Gallery documentation by Jason Judd

+Glass walls that enclose The Arts Club’s famous Mies van der Rohe staircase. Photo documentation by Daniel Hojnacki

+Defibrillator Gallery window, created as part of the fifth annual RAPID PULSE International Performance Arts Festival.